Welcome to the Lal guineapig++ project

The GuineaPig++ project

Guineapig is a beam-beam simulation code written by D. Schulte (CERN). The aim of the project guineapig++ at LAL is to provide an reliable, versatile, modular object oriented (C++) guineapig code. The expected benefit is the ability to easy implement new features and functionnalities.


  • Developpers: Guy Le Meur, François Touze
  • Contributers: Cécile Rimbault, Olivier Dadoun...

recent news


Compiling the software


configuration management

Any question, remark or suggestion are welcome ! Please submit a report here


We are thankful to Antoine Pérus and Vincent Garonne (LAL) for helping us to build the first configuration environment of guineapig++ and the present TRAC page.

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