Configuring perfSonar-PS with Quattor

pefSonar-PS is a network performance monitoring tool developed by Internet2, ESnet and a few others.

Machine type

A perfSonar-PS machine is normally a dedicated machine. The easiest is to create a machine profile that uses the machine type perfsonar-ps:

include 'machine-types/perfsonar-ps';

Configuration Options

Configuration options that can be managed through Quattor are defined through the following variables:

  • variable PERFSONAR_TYPE: a string defining the perfSonar-PS machine type. Valid values are 'latency' and 'bandwith'. Both cannot run on the same node (perfSonar restriction to avoid impacting latency tests with bandwith tests).
  • PERFSONAR_PORTS: a nlist defining the port range (as a string) for each service on each type of node. Keys of this nlist are either OWAMP or BWCTL. The value for each is a nlist with the following possible entries (keys) whose value is the port range in the format min:max:
    • BWCTL: iperf_port, nuttcp_port and peer_port.
    • OWAMP: testports

Default values are defined in personality/perfsonar/config.pan in Git repository template-library-standard.

An example of port range redefinition for OWAMP is:

variable PERFSONAR_PORTS ?= nlist(
    'OWAMP', nlist(
        'testports', '8760:9960',

Note: be sure to follow recommendations when modifying default port ranges and don't forget to adjust your firewall configuration accordingly.

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