Layout of OS Templates

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    Note : the actual layout of OS templates changed several times, without impact on existing configuration. The description here is based on final layout, as implemented in SL 3.08 and later for SL3 and SL 4.4 and later for SL4.

    This pages describes the layout of QWG templates used to configure the OS. These templates are not related to the middleware and can be used in other contexts. They are in charge of installing the required RPMs, based on feature groups requested, and do the base machine configuration (network, ...). They are used by middleware templates configuring a specific middleware machine type to do the base configuration of the machine.

    Another page describes how to configure these templates.

    OS templates provides both RPM lists for each standard feature group and a few other templates to do the basic configuration and configure some OS related components (e.g. Quattor client that has dependencies over the OS architecture).

    Main namespaces (directories) used in OS templates are (examples provided are based on SL 4.4 64-bit templates):

    • rpms : contains one template per feature group. These templates are completly generated from comps.xml provided with the OS distribution and reflect standard feature groups as selected from the standard installer.
    • config : contains a set of templates to define base machine configuration for a specific category of machine. For example, to configure a gLite 3.0 machine, the template to use is source:templates/trunk/os/sl440-x86_64/config/glite/3.0/pro_os_glite_base.tpl glite/3.0/pro_os_glite_base.tpl] (this is done by gLite 3.0 templates). You can add your own machine category, defining a template for it, for other uses : in this case, create a directory dedicated to your site or category, as done for gLite. Normally, templates in this namespace are the only templates that should be used in other templates.
    • repository : contains templates defining RPM repositories associated with OS. You may need to edit these templates to reflect your local configuration, if you are not using the suggested layout and names for RPM repositories.
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