Customization of gLite Configuration

A gLite site can customize QWG templates through a small set of templates used to define variables that define the site configuration. This doesn't cover OS basic configuration that is described in the page about template framework. Site customizations should never been done by editing the standard templates.

Note: site/glite/config.tpl used to be called pro_lcg2_config_site.tpl in the past. Both names are valid and taken into account by current templates, even though the namespaced name is the recommended one.

Most site parameters related to gLite middleware are normally declared in one template, site/glite/config.tpl (or any other site-specific templates it may include). The list of all available variables with their description and their default value can be consulted in the template grid/glite-3.2/defaults/glite.tpl. This template is a critical part of standard templates and should not be modified or duplicated.

Documentation in this page is based on QWG templates for gLite 3.2. Most of the documentation also applies to gLite 3.1, except when explicitly stated or for features supported only by 3.1 series.

Note : Information in this page may document features or configuration options not present in the current release. These information are related to changes and improvement that will be available in next release and are already present in the QWG templates branches. It is generally recommended to use these branches for managing a production site.

The description of the configuration of gLite and its services through QWG templates is broken down in two different pages:

  • Service-Independent Configuration: this page describes every configuration part shared by several services like main site parameters, VO configuration, authorization and authentication, NFS configuration, etc.
  • Configuration of gLite Services: this page describes the specific configuration of every gLite service supported by QWG templates.

This section doesn't explain how to start with Quattor and QWG templates or how to start a new site in an existing configuration database. For these topics, refer to SDCB documentation.

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