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Membership is open to

  • All European research institutes involved or interested in getting involved in SCRF technology.
  • Companies and institutes interested in systems and components needed for an SCRF accelerator, including all supplies and services for the balance of plant.
  • Companies with production capacity related to the objectives of the Forum in Europe as well as European research institutes.

If you are interested in becoming a member of EIFast, please download the signing form and insert the complete name and address of your company/institution, before sending the signed form to

Dr. Karsten Wurr
DESY Technology Transfer Office
Notkestr. 85
D-22607 Hamburg
E-Mail: karsten.wurr@…
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 3675
Fax: +49 (0)40 8994 3675

Download of the Memorandum of Understanding

Workshop on the European XFEL Project

DESY Hamburg
9-10 May 2006

A workshop about the European XFEL was held by EIFast at the DESY site in Hamburg on 9/10 May 2006.

The workshop was aimed at companies which are potentially interested in providing goods and services to the European XFEL and at research institutes interested in an involvement in the XFEL project. The meeting consisted of plenary presentations and working group sessions.

The agenda comprised:

Plenary presentations

  • M. Altarelli: The European XFEL Project
  • R. Brinkmann: European XFEL - Overview technical layout
  • C. Scherf: DESY Purchasing
  • K. Witte: Procurement for the XFEL Project

Parallel Working Groups (covering topics like layout and requirements, schedule for procurement, fabrication, test and installation etc)

  1. Civil engineering, building services & utilities
  2. RF system
  3. Cryogenics & cryostats
  4. Magnets & power supplies
  5. Diagnostics, controls & laser
  6. Vacuum cold & warm
  7. Cavities & couplers

The speakers are scientists and experts working on the preparation of the XFEL project from DESY and other research institutes.

Download of the First Announcement

Download of the Second Announcement

Download of the Questionnaire

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Soerne Moeller
E-Mail: soerne.moeller@…
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 3305
Fax: +49 (0)40 8994 3305

European Industry Forum for Accelerators with SCRF Technology (EIFast)

New: A milestone has been reached towards a close collaboration of European research institutes interested in SCRF technology and companies interested in supplying products for accelerators using that technology: 61 participants representing 34 companies and institutes from nine countries attended the Foundation of the European Industry Forum for Accelerators with SCRF Technology (EIFast) at DESY on October 27. They agreed on the Forum’s statutes and elected the coordination board.

Download of the Presentations from the Forum's Foundation 27 October 2005

Download the Documentation of the Kick-off meeting 7/8 April 2005

ILC Industrial Forum meeting during the ILC workshop at Snowmass on 16 Aug 2005

This site is experimental and is constantly subject to modification.

Changes to this web site are fully restricted and reserved to authorized users which so far are the members of the Coordination Board.


During the last two years two major events have provided a strong basis for the future perspectives of superconducting RF linear accelerators:

One was the decision by the German government in 2003 to propose to host the European XFEL and to contribute 50% of the construction cost. This new instrument of science uses as driver a superconducting 20 GeV linear accelerator, built in a technology which was considerable advanced during the past decade by the TESLA collaboration. The overall cost of the XFEL facility is around 0.7 B€.

The second event was the decision of the particle physics community to build the next major accelerator, the International Linear Collider (ILC), using the superconducting RF technology developed by the TESLA collaboration. The arguments to choose this technology were based on technical and accelerator related reasons, but also on the many synergies between the ILC and XFEL development. The overall cost of the ILC is several B€.

The decision to select the SCRF technology for the ILC was also based on the success of the TESLA test facility (TTF) at DESY in Hamburg which was built with the strong involvement of European companies and has been in operation since 1996. TTF has thereby added to the solid base of know-how of the European industry in the field of SCRF accelerators. The technology decision has triggered substantial industrial interest in this technology also in the US and in Asia.

In discussions with companies which have already provided components for TTF the idea emerged that it might be useful to create a European Superconducting RF Forum with the following mandate:

Create a European industrial base for the European XFEL and the future International Linear Collider

  • Serve as point of contact between

i) European industry active and interested in all aspects of SCRF accelerators,

ii) European accelerator laboratories, scientists and engineers,

iii) the European Union, and

iv) accelerator laboratories in Asia and the US

  • Strengthen the discussion between industry and politics
  • Develop ways of co-operation and knowledge transfer between the partners
  • Provide all partners with a regular up-date of the project developments, e.g. through seminars

The kick-off meeting of the Forum took place at DESY on 7/8 April 2005 and was attended by nearly 100 participants representing more than 40 companies and institutes. The Documentation of the Kick-off meeting 7/8 April 2005 summarises the discussions at the meeting and the major results and comprises all presentations.


The participants of the Forum agreed to the following decisions:

  • The formation of a European SCRF Forum is desirable. Thus a Constitutional Assembly for a European SCRF Forum should be held within the near future.
  • The Constitutional Assembly and the necessary Statutes for the Forum should be prepared by an Interim Board / Constitutional Group.
  • The results of the Constitutional Group’s work should be communicated in time before the Constitutional Assembly to all interested laboratories, companies and institutions.

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