Pan Language

The pan language is used within the Quattor toolkit to define the desired configuration for one or more machines. The language is primarily a declarative language where elements in a hierarchical tree are set to particular values. The pan syntax human-friendly and fairly simple, yet allows system administrators to simultaneously set configuration values, define an overall configuration schema, and validate the final configuration against the schema.

Documentation for the pan compiler and pan language are distributed with each version of the pan compiler:

  • Pan Language Manual: Detailed description of pan language syntax and functions.
  • Pan Compiler Manual: Detailed information about compiler options.
  • Pan Tutorial: A tutorial designed to explain the major features of the pan language.

PDF versions of those manuals can be downloaded from the panc section of the Quattor SourceForge repository. The installation packages also contain HTML versions of the documentation.

The pan language continues to evolve. It is strongly recommended to consult the version of the Pan Language Manual that corresponds to the exact version of the compiler you are using.

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