Release Notes of QWG Templates and Tools

This part of the site is the central place for release notes of QWG templates and other Quattor tools maintained by QWG embers. This includes SCDB and PAN Compiler v7 and later.

Release notes for the current versions are available through the navigation menu. Click here for other release notes.

Releases are described in Roadmap.

The release cycle for QWG template is driven by gLite updates. Generally, that means :

  • A new release of QWG templates is produced in the day after the release of a critical update for gLite or a new release of CA RPMs.
  • A new release of QWG templates is produced in the week following the release of a normal or minor update for gLite.
  • A new release can also be produced after adding significant new features to the templates themselves.

Between releases, the changes ready for testing in a production environment are made available through the branch (e.g. source:templates/branch/gLite-3.0.0).

The current version of the QWG templates is gLite-3.0.2.x. QWG LCG 2.7.x release notes are still available but for archiving only. QWG for LCG 2.7 are no longer maintained. Version of QWG templates prior to LCG-2.7.0 are no longer available.

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